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Docusaurus Authentication (Roadmap)

Massoud Maboudi

Docusaurus is a well-designed, and user-friendly documentation generator tool with a modern and optimized codebase that supports multiple plugins to make it easier for either a normal user or a developer to ship out a documentation website swiftly.


I have utilized Docusaurus to create multiple websites like:

What is missing?

This tool provides everything you need except for some important features like the Authentication layer.


The Authentication layer helps you create an internal documentation website for your company, or you can use it to provide subscription-based documentation for your product.


I searched the web and I was able to find some efforts for the older versions of Docusaurus using Firebase. Though I would like to introduce a step-by-step guide to adding an Authentication layer to a Docusaurus website using common Auth providers. You can find the links to those articles below:

AWS Cognito

Google Firebase


  • Docusaurus authentication using Auth0 (Coming soon)

In each article, you can find the step-by-step guide and also the GitHub repository contains the working example as well.

In addition, please let me know if you need to implement the Auth flow using another provider so I can add it as well.


In the end, if you find the articles useful, don’t forget to support me at least with a message :)